When you think of gilding with gold leaf you may immediately think of weather vanes and decorative fences. These are indeed often coated with gold leaf. But there are many more objects that you can have carefully gilded by us.

Think of clocks, works of art and for example the legs of an antique bath. Loonen Vergulders gild almost everything.

But what exactly is gold leaf gilding? Gilding is the application of a wafer-thin layer of gold leaf to decorate or protect an object.

This technique has been used for centuries on e.g. weather vanes on top of churches, church organs, dials, coats of arms, fences and facing stones.

But also gilding of objects is very popular. The application of a layer of gold leaf serves not only as decoration but also as protection and immortalisation of an object.

The unique look and feel of gold leaf cannot be matched by gold paint or other decoration techniques.

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With gold leaf you can give your special objects a new appearance. If, for example, you have a certain statue that you would like to add a layer of gold leaf or another object with a special meaning, we would be happy to gild it for you.

The gilding of objects is one of our specialities and we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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We have mastered the technique of gilding with gold leaf to such an extent that there is almost no material that we cannot gild. Whether it is about gilding of metal, wood or stone, it is all possible. We can even gild complete walls in your interior for a special and luxurious look. On this page you can find several pictures of the work we have done in the field of gilding objects and interior objects.

Here you can see some of the work we have already done and get some inspiration for ideas for your own interior. We believe that every project and every customer is unique and always deliver custom work. If you have any questions about an object to be gilded, you can always contact us without obligation. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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Aan het Dominicanenplein in hartje Venlo ligt Domani: een middeleeuwse kapel, gebouwd in de 15e eeuw, die ook bekend staat als Kapel Mariaweide. De prachtige oude kapel is sinds september 2007 het decor voor culturele evenementen. Zoals voor veel oude gebouwen het geval is, was ook Domani aan een renovatie toe. Namens Verkoelendak Nederland mochten wij de haan van deze oude kapel restaureren.
Dit hebben wij met veel plezier gedaan.
De haan is ondertussen weer teruggeplaatst op de toren door Verkoelendak.

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