When restoring old buildings, churches and castles we very often encounter gold leaf. Because it is such a thin material, it is subject to wear and tear and weathering. We have specialised in restoring gold leaf.

For us, working with gold leaf is the most beautiful thing there is. We literally restore the original shine of an object or building by applying a new layer of the most noble metal.

Gold leaf restoration requires a special technique that we have mastered. Every surface requires a different approach and we have a great deal of respect for the history of a building. We therefore make as much use as possible of age-old techniques in our restoration work in order to remain as close to the original as possible.

By now we have been working with gold leaf for decades and we can call ourselves the true gold leaf restorer of Roermond and the surrounding area.


Almost every material can be gilded. It makes no difference whether it is for inside or outside. Outside, the gilded object is of course subject to weather conditions, which can cause it to lose some of its shine after many decades.

If at all possible, we take the object to be gilded to our workshop. Here, the conditions are ideal. In our workshop we can apply a layer of gold leaf on many different materials. For example we gild glass, wood, aluminium and natural stone.

Once we have completed the gold leaf restoration in our workshop, the outdoor object can immediately be placed back in its original position and is ready to shine again for years to come.

When an object is fixed to the façade of a building, for example, this is of course not possible and we gild the object on site.


Do you have an art object, a piece of furniture or something else with gold leaf that needs restoration? Or do you have a new object that you would like to have gilded? Then feel free to contact us without any obligation. We will gladly advise you and discuss with you the possibilities for a new layer of gold leaf. You can mail or call us for questions or a quotation via this website. We are happy to visit you to view the work.

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Aan het Dominicanenplein in hartje Venlo ligt Domani: een middeleeuwse kapel, gebouwd in de 15e eeuw, die ook bekend staat als Kapel Mariaweide. De prachtige oude kapel is sinds september 2007 het decor voor culturele evenementen. Zoals voor veel oude gebouwen het geval is, was ook Domani aan een renovatie toe. Namens Verkoelendak Nederland mochten wij de haan van deze oude kapel restaureren.
Dit hebben wij met veel plezier gedaan.
De haan is ondertussen weer teruggeplaatst op de toren door Verkoelendak.

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