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The basis for painting was laid at the academy of painters in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Jos Loonen was able to learn the trade at large, reputable companies and in 1999 he took the step to become self-employed.

“In the 1990s, major projects came to a standstill. After that, I worked for a few years for temporary employment agencies, as a sort of ‘fireman’. If there were problems at painting companies, I would put out the ‘fires’. I thought: ‘What a temporary employment agency can do, I can do three times better’. That was the moment I decided to start on my own.”


With great craftsmanship, the wishes of the customers have been realised over the past 20 years. We provide maintenance and restoration work. A less obvious piece of craftsmanship is his specialisation in working with gold leaf. This requires an eye for detail and patience.

Schildersbedrijf Jos Loonen aims for a good and beautiful end result, which you can enjoy for years without any worries.


“The assignments are very diverse. One time it’s a restoration of a large private mansion, another time it’s several gold leaf assignments, but it can also be a hospital or any kind of other institution. But I like that too. Different colours, different people, different tastes, different ideas – it’s the variety that makes my work so rewarding.”


“I always check in between to see if the clients and I are still on the same page. Good contact with each other is important for all parties. Trust is also very important to me. After all, people entrust their house and all their belongings to you.”



Onze meest actuele en recente werken kunt u vinden onder pers


Aan het Dominicanenplein in hartje Venlo ligt Domani: een middeleeuwse kapel, gebouwd in de 15e eeuw, die ook bekend staat als Kapel Mariaweide. De prachtige oude kapel is sinds september 2007 het decor voor culturele evenementen. Zoals voor veel oude gebouwen het geval is, was ook Domani aan een renovatie toe. Namens Verkoelendak Nederland mochten wij de haan van deze oude kapel restaureren.
Dit hebben wij met veel plezier gedaan.
De haan is ondertussen weer teruggeplaatst op de toren door Verkoelendak.

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